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Shadow Shot Sunday at the Idaho Falls Zoo

They have more than animals at Idaho Falls’ Tautphaus Park Zoo.


They got some nice shady shadowy places to rest.


Sweetie and SuperPizzaBoy took advantage of the bench.


We are back in Tulsa now and we are loading SPB up to drive half a day down to Texas to deliver him to a Summer Camp. We’re going to miss him! But we are going to have fun ourselves. I hope that we remember to go pick him up.

Shadow Shot Sunday

Shadow Shot Sunday – Early Morning Gas Company Shadows

Early Morning Shadows

First up, Natural Gas Lantern Shadow on the Parking Garage. The gas is how you know we are not Public Service Company of Oklahoma, the electric utility.

Gas Company Shadow 1

Backing off a bit

Gas Company Shadow 2

Second, the Federal Courthouse Flag and Shadows, from the Gas Company Office. Do you see both flag shadows?

Flag and Federal Building Shadow

Happy New Year to my fellow bloggers, family, and friends.

Shadow Shot Sunday

Botanica Shadows


I was in Wichita, Kansas recently attending an energy industry convention. While there I took a little time out to visit Botanica, Wichita’s wonderful little known gem of a botanical garden.


I have to tell you I’m not much of a flower person. I mean I love them but I don’t know one from another. I love gardens. To me gardens are much more than flowers. Flowers are very important of course but so is how they are planted in relation to the other plants and settings.


How the garden makes use of shadow and light is just as important as any other component. The key is how it all fits in. People go to gardens for the total experience, not to just look at plants. You can go to nursery to do that.


Gardens engage all our senses, sight, hearing, touch, feeling, smell. There is something ancient and comforting about being in a garden. I think the being is important. You should go to a garden and just “be.”


Of course, so that you can just “be,”  somebody else had to work their butt off.

I also posted about Botanica last year.

Shadow Shot Sunday

Thou Shalt Not Covet thy Neighbors Windows


I have coveted the windows of this building for some time. The building is vacant and if I had a gazillion bucks I would buy it and own these windows.

You could come and visit and we could chat and drink coffee while basking in the bright winter sunlight pouring through my windows.

Are you up for that?