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ShadowShot Sunday – Spring Shadows

Here is Heather and I taking the dog for a walk. I love shadow selfies. I look so skinny and you can’t tell my hair is almost gone. It does look like I am missing arms though.

When I was out on my daffodil photo expedition I noticed clump of flowers cast a pretty good shadow.

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Shadowy Snuggles

I’m always on the lookout for shadows. Heather and I were at an Irish Festival here in Tulsa on Saturday evening enjoying listening to Irish Music. It seems like that even the most modest of music events now days there is a huge investment in lighting and video stuff in addition to the sound. Anyway, I noticed a shadow formed by a security barrier and a snuggling couple near the stage. (What is it about music and alcohol leads to snuggling? Asking for a friend, wait a minute, I already know, forget I asked).

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Shadow Shot Sunday – Valentines Shadows and More

On Valentine’s Day my bride, Heather, and I visited the Philbrook Museum here in Tulsa. I found this shadow outside. It reminded me of a carpet runner.

And then here is me casting my shadow on another set of stairs.

We warmed up briefly here in Oklahoma and I declared it to be the year’s first shorts day. I went to Ray Harral Nature Center and captured this shadow on their revamped hiking trail bridge.

Toward the end of my outing the I found this scene where the pine tree crown is in the sun while the bottom of the trees are getting shadowed by the declining sun.

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Shadow on the Mountain

My son and I have been on a couple of hikes lately on Tulsa’s Turkey Mountain. We found this old oil well pumpjack foundation. Oil was discovered on the mountain in the 1920’s and production continued until the 1960’s. There are lots of old relics of the industry scattered about on the mountain. I personally know people who worked on these wells.

We went by this old wellhead. Don’t worry it’s safe.

Pedestrian Bridge on gravel trail

A new pedestrian bridge on a new trail.

And a birdhouse in the middle of the mountain.

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Shadow Shot Sunday – At Night, on the River, on the Mountain

We were without a backyard fence temporarily until one could be built so when our dog had to go outside one of us went with him. So this is really a long shadow selfie from our backyards, clear across the greenbelt and to the property fence on the far side. I love looking tall and skinny, Kodi loved looking like a big dog.

I went on a little bike ride last week on the RiverParks Trails and stopped for a little rest in the sun.

I also went on hike on Turkey Mountain and took this shadow and tree selfie.

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A Shadowy Walk Around the Park

We caught a dry sunny spell a while back so I took the opportunity to walk around Lafortune Park here in Tulsa. The walking path is three miles long and encircles two golf courses, a tennis club, a public library and several little league baseball fields. Three miles is my sweet spot and I bet I have done hundreds of laps in the over thirty years we have lived here.

I love the netlike shadows that chain link fences make.

Trees always have great shadows

I don’t remember pursing my lips like this I didn’t notice it until afterwards. So this is my shadowy face, with a strange expression. Don’t worry, I’m not going to kiss you.

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Shadow Shot Sunday – Winter Shadows


A view of our north fence with shadows from the bench and trees. By this time next week we should have a new fence to replace this well worn installation. I love the old patina but it is time to go.

Son and I are still practice driving. He’s actually doing pretty good.

Tulsa’s Lafortune Park now has a small buffalo herd. They seem to be managing the cold weather very well.

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Shadow Shot Sunday – Flat Reflections

The sunrise is almost straight parallel with our backyard fence these days and it makes for some strange reflections on the fence like this shepherds crook and suet cake holder shadow I captured the other day.

I hope everyone in the USA experiencing cold weather stays warm and is keeping their pets inside.

Shadow Shot Sunday