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Leaves of Three – Let it Be

Poison Ivy - Texture Effects - Mechanic Grime

I found a patch of poison ivy on one of my recent walks in the woods. It sure is pretty when it changes color. Don’t touch though. I’m not sensitive to it, but I don’t tempt fate either. I used a new Topaz Labs product “Texture Effects” on this. It popped the colors out a little bit and somehow gave the image a somewhat 3D effect. I love messing with photos.

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Digital Art Meme – Art Deco Canyon

Tulsa's Art Deco Canyon

I took this pic on Saturday morning with my Nikon AW110 point and shoot camera. I like it because it is small, waterproof, and shock proof so I take it with me almost everywhere I go especially when I go running or hiking.

So then I took the photo, uploaded it to Flickr,  and moved it over to my Ipod Touch and used an app called “DistressedFX” to put a texture on it and it made everything “pop.” So I posted it on Instagram and Facebook and uploaded back to Flickr and so here we are.

More and more of my photo processing is done on my Ipod Touch. It is just a lot easier to do that than firing up the ole laptop and loaded Photoshop and trying to figure out what I need to do. Photography and editing is changing fast.  Who knows what we will be doing in a few years.

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Digital Art Meme – Sunlit Steel

Sunset Building - Topaz Glow Liquify I 55 pct

I was driving home Tuesday afternoon and I noticed the light coming off the beams of this bank building that is under construction. I had to (I just had to!) pull off on a parking light and take a pic with my phone. I amped up the reflections off the steel with a dose of Topaz Glow and backed off about half. I’m learning that with the filters sometimes less is more.

Have you ever just had to pull of the road and take a picture????

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Digital Art Meme – Fair Food

Fair Midway Minnieapple Pie Impressions liquid lines I 100 pct

I am continuing on the Tulsa State Fair from my visit Sunday. I love the colorful food trailers at the fair. I am not a big fan of fair food but I do love the sights.  Has anybody ever tried the world famous, as seen on the Food Network, original Minneapple Pie? If you have tell us about it.

I used Topaz Impressions on this. I have now joined the Photoshop world. Son is taking a computer graphics class at school so I figure he can teach me how to use it. I’m really interested in learning about layers and using textures and such. I’ll keep you posted.

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Digital Art – Yellow Flowers

Yellow Linnaeus Flowers Impressions 73pct oil jim lasala

I found myself with some time last Saturday after I dropped the kid off at his Improv class so I went up to Tulsa’s Linnaeus Teaching Gardens and strolled around taking pictures. I am trying to learn how to do bokeh where the subject is in focus and the background is out of focus. I found these yellow flowers (you want to know what kind they are, I told you, they are yellow flowers) and loved them. For today I ran them through Topaz Impressions and backed the filter off about a quarter.

There is something about the last days of summer that makes flowers that much more beautiful even though they may be a little faded.

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A Sidewalk Garden in Tulsa’s East Village Neighborhood

Downtown Sidewalk Greenery

I went on a walk at noon Monday east of downtown Tulsa to the East Village area to see what was new and I found this sidewalk garden. I love it. It is so luxuriant and seems like it is about to take over the sidewalk.  Plus I love all the windows and reflections in this section of the street. There is a lot happening downtown especially in the close by neighborhoods. There are all sorts of small businesses taking over and renovating formerly run down properties. Condo conversion and new construction is happening. It is quite the frothy mix. Downtown Tulsa is becoming a cool place to be.

I processed my original photograph with Topaz Impressions’ “Cezanne 1” filter blended 60% with the original photo.

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Digital Art Meme – A Vintage Chevy down the Street

Chevy Truck - Impressions Abstractions 56 pct

During an evening dog walk we found this 1960’s model Chevy pickup parked down the street from us. I had not seen it before and with Tennessee plates I don’t know if it is going to be here permanently or not. I think it is a beauty.

I used the Abstract I filter of Topaz Impressions backed off to 56 pct.

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Digital Art – Carousel

Carousel Woodland Hills Glow Dayglow

Carousels have always both fascinated and scared me a little. They are such overwhelming machines with lights and movement. I have tried to capture that here on a carousel in our local mall. My tools of choice were Topaz Labs Glow and Adjust tools to kind of amp things up a little bit. The result is more what I see at a carousel than what the camera shows is there.

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