Negativity and More with my Takashi Special Effects Camera

When I was rummaging around Saturday looking for my generic Go Pro camera and I found my Takashi Special Effects Camera. It is kind of strange little camera with only 5 MP but it has various special effects built in such as negatives, black and white, sepia, and so forth. Check here for a list […]

My new Takashi 521 FX Camera

I got some money for my birthday a while back so I used it to by a new camera. It is a Takashi 521 Digital FX.  It is digital camera that simulates an analog camera. It has several built in modes. One can take pics in a “normal” mode and also black and white, sepia, […]


I took my Takashi 521 FX “digital Holga” camera out for a spin the other day. You can see all sorts of things with it. It has a negative setting. It makes SOOC a whole new world. You can see the buildings swinging and swaying due to the Lartigue Effect. It has to be a […]

A Day of Negativity

SuperPizzaBoy attends a Teen Comedy Improv class at a city park here in Tulsa. Last year he was in the preTeen class and loved it and attended a summer camp where he was in a production. I used to hang out in the room while the class is going on just in case the instructors […]

Lartigue Effect

We have got all sorts of stuff going on in Tulsa these days.  The city doesn’t know whether to lean to the right, or lean to the left, or Or just kind of shimmy in place. So what’s happening? I know the wind blows here in Oklahoma, but not that much. I have a cheap […]

Mayo Motor Inn

I just love experimenting around with my Takashi Digital Lomo Camera. It has some interesting distortions up close. Among other modes, it can do black and white, or negative. I haven’t figured out what triggers the distortions though. Strangely enough all these except the last are straight out of the camera. All I did on […]