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Christmas Eve

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This is my favorite Christmas Card this year. A water color set in New Mexico. I grew up in New Mexico and I don’t think there is anything prettier than snow on adobe. Throw in a traditional blue door and a ristra of red chilis and it is perfect as far as I am concerned. Check out the artist, Terry Clark, on his blog Coffee With Clark. Artist, Journalism Professor, Journalist, all around great guy, and fellow lover of New Mexico. He is painting and posting lots of New Mexican scenes and commentary this month on a Christmas theme.

Communion Candle

I like the quiet moments of Christmas the best. The introspection and remembering years past, especially the loved ones who are no longer around.


Plus, young kids are great at Christmas. They still have the wonder of how it all happened. Plus I like playing with the little kids toys the best. Especially during the afternoon nap.

Christmas Card 2016 done

So unlike Professor Clark I never got around to making cards except I put this together on PicMonkey. So, to those who celebrate the holiday, Merry Christmas!!!

Skywatch Friday – Early Day Photos of the Albuquerque Balloon Festival


These are photos, taken by my Dad back in the 1970’s I think, of the Albuquerque Balloon Festival when it was just getting started and has now turned into a big international event. 


We lived in Albuquerque back then and the Festival caused quite a stir. There were lots of fender benders all over town because people were looking at the balloons instead of the road ahead of them as they drove. We had balloons come down in the neighborhood. It was all very exciting.


I thought there was nothing more beautiful than all the colorful balloons in the sky. Now I understand the sky is full of them.

Albuquerque Balloon Festival

Photo displayed under Creative Commons License on Flickr, by Peggy and Joe Ghiloni who retain all rights.

So maybe one day I will go back. Check out the Balloon Festival web site for more information. Let me know if you are going. Apply for media credentials. Tell me if you get them.

I’m linking with Skywatch Friday


The Pot Thief Who Studied Georgia O’Keefe by J. Michael Orenduff

pot thief okeefe cover

I just finished “The Pot Thief Who Studied Georgia O’Keefe” by J. Michael Orenduff. The seventh book in his “Pot Thief” series. The book, like the rest of the series, is set in New Mexico and features Hubie Schuze, the owner of a native american pot store (the pottery kind of pot, not the Colorado variety) who buys and sells pots but is also known to take his Bronco out to the boonies and dig one up illegally on public land and sell it.


A pot on display at the Heard Museum in Phoenix

Hubie is quite the character and you can tell the author has fun with him. In the book Hubie falls in love with a beautiful woman. (Thankfully the author closes the blinds and turns up the music on the intimate scenes like I wish more authors would) Hubie also steals a pot from a top secret military installation and makes a copy of it and then finds out that his pots are changing hands way faster than he can keep track of himself and of course one of the characters ends up dead and Hubie sets to finding out whodunnit. He also gets involved in an obscure O’Keefe painting. 

Mary Cassatt - The Reader

This isn’t a painting by Georgia O’Keefe is by Mary Cassatt and is called the reader. I don’t have any photographs of an O’Keefe painting

He spends a lot of time at his favorite bar drinking margaritas and eating chips with his friends. Orenduff lived and worked in New Mexico and knows it. I was born there and spent my high school and college years in Albuquerque and get homesick from time to time. This book is the latest mystery set in New Mexico. If you love New Mexico and fun mysteries this is for you!!

So I give this five stars out of five.