LaCorona Vida #8 – Heather’s Flowers


My wife is an exercise instructor at several different health clubs in Tulsa. It’s a part time gig right? Except she spends a lot of time at home putting together her routines and figuring out choreography. Music is important her and she doesn’t hardly ever use the same routine twice or resort to generic music as some instructors do.


All the health clubs have closed during the pandemic and so she had some time on her hands and so she launched back into gardening. She is a certified Oklahoma State University Master Gardener and used to be active doing that but motherhood and the exercise instructor career took most of her time.


So she went at it hard this spring. Buying soil to rebuild the beds and an bunch of plants. Gardening is hard work. Me I love the result. I help out carrying the heavy stuff.


So now we have all these beautiful plants to look at.


I didn’t photograph the right plants but she has got a butterfly garden going. We’ve only seen a couple so far.


Does anybody out there not love flowers? I think it may be an international language.


I don’t know the names of all these. I’ll get her to help me out when she has time.

What they hay, you could help me out also if you felt led.

Skywatch Friday – The Skies of May


Went downtown the other day and brought home personal stuff from the office. The office has been closed since the middle of March and won’t open, at the earliest until the end of June. The only people working there are a cleaning staff and a security guard. Plus our pipeline control people which is staffed 24 hours a day. They have spread those folks all over the building to avoid cross contamination in case Covid-19 gets somebody sick.

I realized that yes, I am going to miss the job and the people, and I am really going to miss downtown. Weather permitting, I walked a mile to 3 miles every day at noon and poked into every square inch. I’ll be checking out from time to time. On weekends, when parking is free, cuz I am cheap.


Lots of nice evenings as the sun sets in the back yard.


Watching the weather. I love weather watching. Everybody in Oklahoma stays aware of the weather and watches the skies this time of year. We are all very conversant with terms like hook echos and such as that.

Lots of walks in the neighborhood for our dog Rascal. He kind of walks us is how it works. He routes us by all his friends.

Our tubby little kitten, Lizzy is wondering why everybody is around all the time. It interferes with her napping. She’s appropriated this basket that Heather was going to use as a centerpiece on our coffee table. So I guess that Lizzie is the centerpiece. It is peaceful to me watching a cat in deep sleep.

The greenbelt from our back yard. I fly the drone straight up mainly. I don’t really want to fly over other people’s property. So I send it straight up and use it like a periscope.

So Oklahoma is gradually opening up. Heather and I went to our favorite tap room and had a couple beers in their outside area, maintaining extreme social distancing from everybody else. The gyms Heather teaches are opening up as well and they are communicating protocols for staff and members. Myself, since I am in a high risk group I am holding off going to a gym until July. I’ll be playing it by ear.

What have you been up to?

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Our World – Restlessness

Mr. Squirrel politely telling me that the bird feeder is empgy
Cardinal Edit
Mr. Cardinal, singing away, looking for love I guess. Don’t ask me why he is looking at me.
Astronaut Mural in Downtown Tulsa
This mural of music legend, Leon Russell, on the other side of the building may be my favorite mural not just in Tulsa but anywhere.
The Blue Door, lots of photographers use it as a backdrop.
Nearby shrine
Echinacea Flowers aka Purple Coneflowers at Woodward Park
More flowers at Woodward Park

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Skywatch Friday – Rainy Weather


Earlier this week we had some more threatening weather. It was more threat than anything else and I waited until the clouds passed and the wind died down and launched my drone.


I am still in periscope mode where I send it straight up over the back yard and then rotate it. No fancy flying or maneuvers yet.


I haven’t crashed it or run into trees or power lines yet. A couple of the blades are a little worn for some reason. You can tell by the pitch of the motors plus I get a warning to land it immediately.


It got too windy so I landed and took this photo with my phone.

I hope everybody is doing well. I’ve been working from home for two months now. Tomorrow, Friday, is my last day “at work.” I am retiring after 43 years. I’ve enjoyed the energy business and I liked the people that I work with but its now off to new challenges!! I’ll have plenty to do.

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LaCoronaVida #7 – (Almost) Wordless Wednesday


Still WFH (“Working From Home”) for now, since the middle of March!!

I am retiring, my last day “at work” is this Friday, then I am “on vacation” till the end of the month.


I got a surprise delivery today. A nice box full of snacks and a nice photo book.


I really appreciate it. And the box could double as an urn when the situation occurs. Well it could!!!! Might have to put the ashes in a sack so they don’t sift through the cracks in the box. – Hey I’m just being practical. Really, it did come as a total surprise. I have really been blessed in my career. Forty three years in the energy industry and never got laid off. That is unheard of these days. And especially during this downturn most energy people are getting cardboard boxes instead of nice gift boxes.


You sure do miss out on the company gossip while WFH. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.


Been spending a lot of time watching the wildlife in the back yard.

And I’ve been charting the Oklahoma Covid-19 Stats. I have a new graph from Apple showing their mobility index for Oklahoma with early January being equal to 100. It shows us Okies slowing way down after the lockdown and now we are faunching at the bit and are just as busy as we were before. I am dreading what that might mean.

What have you been up to?

Our World – Birds on the Back Fence

American Robin

My wife Heather has been taking advantage of the this isolation to revamp our back yard and add bird feeders and such. So we are getting a lot more birds than we used to. Plus we have more time to sit out and watch them.

Mourning Dove

So its kind of fun. We have lots of squirrels also helping themselves to the feeders. I don’t care as long as they stay out of the attic.

White Crowned Sparrow (I think)

So I am consulting inaturalist on some of the critters. I don’t have the patience to be a birder but I’ll do it opportunistically.


On a different note, we spent some time with Heather’s Mom yesterday celebrating Mothers Day. A good time was had by all. We got food from a local restaurant and so nobody had to cook!!


And I got a little drone time in as the clouds come rolling in. Check in later this week on my Skywatch Friday post for the images I captured.

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LaCoronaVida #6

I’ve been trying out my new pair of running shoes by actually running in them. I still consider myself a runner even though I have been walking the past couple years.


So I am doing the run/walk thing and it is working for me. I am not winded doing it, my leg muscles are out of shape. So I run for a while, and then walk until I feel like trotting again. Going about 2 miles in the neighborhood streets and averaging about 14 to 15 minutes per mile. Pretty slow I know but I am working up.


The golf courses are open and that is good to see. If any outdoor sport could be safe it would be golf, with a few rules changes.

My updated Covid 19 stats for Oklahoma. I am using Google’s “Slides” app. Their equivalent to Powerpoint. I am trying to figure out if I should do the Office 365 thing and get Powerpoint, Excel, Word, and Access. I love the software but the cheapest plan is $70 per year. I kind of like free and as long as free meets my needs then I’ll keep using it. What do you think?

Back to the data. The governor kept telling us that as long as new infections continued their decline he would enter phase two of the reopening and as you can see, new infections are not declining so he has new metrics to go by. Typical politician move.

How are things where you live?

Skywatch Friday – Another Storm Blows Through

Looking northwest after the storm

A few days ago we had a fast moving storm with threatened tornado and possible hail come through. (You could say that about any day in May here in Oklahoma it seems.)

Looking straight west.

So we sheltered in place and watched the TV news and yes we had some very heavy, brief downpours, no hail though, no tornadoes, thank goodness and then we emerged from our houses and the air was a little breezy and cool so I launched my drone. Not too high though, it senses windspeed and alarms if it might get away from me, so I lowered the altitude and and snapped a few photographs and a short video.

Looking northeast across the green belt.

This is the back side of the storm as it moved on further east in Oklahoma and on into Arkansas.

A short panorama of the western sky.

Anyway, chalk up another spring storm we survived.

Full Moon 2020-05-05

And here is a shot of a near full moon. I amplified the detail on the moon and added a penciling type texture to the space around the moon to provide a sense of depth.

How are things where you are? Oklahoma is loosening up the restrictions a little and it seems that many of us are abandoning the guidelines and engaging in risky behavior. I just hope that we don’t have a second wave of infection.

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LaCoronaVida #5 – Things are Getting Squirrely


I was on the patio this morning and this fat little toad of a squirrel was eating all the bird food. It has three siblings and they are very active except when the neighborhood hawk is nosing around then they stay where they are flattened to a branch or a ground until long after Mr. Hawk leaves the area.

With this pandemic thing raging Heather has really amped up her green thumb working hard on both her and her mother’s garden. So for Mother’s Day from Logan and I, I picked out this fountain, ordered it online and picked it up early this morning and had it all assembled up and going by the time she work up. I guess some could say I spoiled her surprise and I would say that I just changed the timing of it. Nothing like the sounds of water in a garden is what I say. I like the contactless curbside pickup at Lowe’s. You order it, they tell you when it is ready, you drive to the store and phone them that I am there and they bring it out and put it in the back. Nice and safe for everybody.

I am going to start running again so I went to the running store and got some new kicks. Arahi’s by Hoka. I googled “Arahi” and the only thing that pops up are these shoes. It sounds like it should mean something somewhere, besides shoes I mean. I liked what the store was doing. Only one customer at a time inside and me and the lady who helped me were wearing masks.

The local grocery store by contrast was bad. The staff had masks and plexiglass shields. I would guestimate only 10% of the customers were wearing a mask and physical distancing was inadequate in many areas. I guess that many of my fellow Okies have lost their will to live.

I got summoned to MIL’s house. She had a smoke alarm out and so you know the first thing is figuring out which one of the ones she had are out. That took a little bit. I only had two batteries otherwise I would have changed them all. She is going to get some more batteries and then I’ll change the rest of them.

I hope that everybody is staying safe.

LaCorona Vida #4

I’m still #WFH (“Working From Home”) in twitter/instagram speak. Mostly retirement paperwork. Lots and lots of paperwork. My home office is a mess. I’m going to have to get some file storage that works.

Other than that getting lots of reading done. I read “American Terrorist: Timothy McVeigh & the Oklahoma City Bombing” by Lou Michel and Dan Herbeck. What a story told from McVeigh’s point of view. From war hero to bum. Killed 168 people because he was mad about government overreach. He didn’t care about the innocent people. Collateral damage as far as he was concerned.

So the wife has been gardening and I’ve helped her here and there. And I’ve been flying my drone when the wind allows. It’s fun and easy.

As you can tell I am not a very smooth pilot. Fortunately the drone stays still while I am trying to figure out what to do.

And we are eating lots of ice cream. Rose Rock is a store based close to downtown Tulsa. They hand make their ice cream and they deliver!! Life can’t be too bad if you are eating ice cream is what I say.

Here’s my latest Covid-19 Update for Oklahoma. Deaths are not declining, new cases are going up, hospitalizations are going down. What’s it all mean? You tell me.

Stay cool and safe folks!!