My First Gallery Showing


As some of you know I am pretty active on Instagram (@yogiab, see the sidebar, and just why are we not instagram friends?) The local Tulsa newspaper, the Tulsa World, has a hashtag, #MyTulsaWorld, that can be used if one wants use it for Tulsa area photos and they publish in the paper (like on real paper) once or twice a week photos with that used the hashtag. They ended up publishing four of my photos and I got to know, via Intagram, anyway a whole lot of talented photographers in the Tulsa area. 

So I got an email from the Tulsa World inviting me to submit two photographs to an exhibit of Instagram photographers in the Tulsa area. So me and 17 others sent out photographs in and then we got invitations to a private reception for the an Invitational Exhibition at Mayfest, Tulsa’s annual arts festival in May. So anyways I was pretty excited. I’ve never had my photographs shown before. You know, except for my Mother in Law. 

Mayfest 2016

Heather couldn’t make it because of a previous engagement with our son so after work I headed down to the venue all by myself. I was pretty nervous.


There were all sorts of people who were mainly looking for the art featured in the gallery. Lots of good stuff there.


I scooped up some free food and drink and found the Instagrammer section. It was very disconcerting to see my photos on display along with other peoples. I would look at it and then circulate around and then come back to you. It was a great feeling but humbling also. 


I picked two photographs that showed two sides. One a peaceful scene at Post Oak Lodge in the Osage Hills north of town and the other action frozen during Tulsa’s riotous Tulsa Tough bicycle races.

Tulsa Mayfest 2016

They asked for a bio so I asked my good friend Mr. Google about bios.They have to be written in the third person and really have to get to the nut of the matter and leave out extraneous words but have a humorous part also. I left out the humorous part. If I had to do it over again I would add Heather and Logan to it.

So anyways it was all kind of fun, and flattering, and humbling. From the faces of the my fellow Instagrammers they were pretty pleased with the thing themselves.

So, thank you Tulsa World for a great opportunity and experience. And thank you dear readers who provide so much support.

And why are we are not Instagram friends again?

It’s Getting Real!!


Graduation is getting real!! The baccalaureate is tomorrow. I’ve never been to one, I’m not sure what it is. I guess that I’m about to find out. The actual graduation is next Thursday. The kid is getting nervous. The whole family is for that matter.


He humored his old man and put on the cap and gown earlier this week before I school. I have to say that I have never seen that expression before.

He has been going to graduations of friends of his at different schools, going through finals, and finishing up class projects and it is all a whorl of activity.

Wish us luck and keep us and him especially in your prayers. Life is going by pretty fast right now.

Skywatch Friday – The Beginning of Snake Season

Pavillion on Turkey Mountain Topaz Restyle

This is the sky on Tulsa’s Turkey Mountain late one afternoon last week. We have had so many beautiful blue skies so much lately it was nice to see some clouds. Clouds mean rain and rain is generally good. I saw my first snake of the season literally about 10 seconds after I took this photo. He was a little tiny guy so I wasn’t too worried about him. After the weather warmed up a few weeks ago some of my trail running friends posted photos of the first copperheads of the season. I’ve seen lots of snakes on the mountain but never a copperhead. I intend to keep it that way.

I’m linking with Skywatch Friday today.

Spring Choral Concert

The clock continues to tick on Logan’s time in High School until he graduates. Tick, tick, tick. It is getting louder and louder for both him and his parents.


Tuesday night a few more ticks went by. His school had their Spring Choir Concert. Choir is a class and this concert is their final. How is that for getting the kids to show up. It was all good though. The kids did great.


The Senior and Middle School both participated in this concert and it featured a varied selection of music from Hymns to Musical tunes to more modern music by Billy Joel and Elvis Presley.


Logan didn’t have any solos or anything, he just sang and that is what he loves doing. Standing on the risers for such a long time was kind of hard on him. I don’t know how people do it actually.


The teacher put everybody through their paces and there was lots of singing for everybody.


The Middle School ladies did a great job with “You’re Going to Miss Me” otherwise known as “The Cup Song.”

At the end they had the parents of the seniors go up on the stage while the Benediction was sung. (This is a Christian School so of course there was a prayer before the performance began.) I appreciated the benediction but I hate being up on stage. With the lights it is so disconcerting. Logan loves the stage. He didn’t get that DNA from me. I am perfectly happy being in the audience, in the shadows.

It was a great seeing the kids performing and showing off their talent and not plugged into their so called “devices.”

So I continue to be an infrequent blogger and a lousy blogger friend. Sorry but we are counting down until Graduation and things are not going to change very much until then.

Solar Impulse 2 in Tulsa – The Future is Now


The big news in Tulsa this week is that the Solar Electric Airplane, Solar Impulse 2, flying from Abu Dahbi around the world landed at our local airport a few days ago. American Airlines had a huge hanger available and they let the plane park there until the weather clears up. The owners of the plane made it available for public viewing for two days. So of course I had to go since there was no admission charge.


The airplane is amazing. It uses only solar electric power, with batteries, and can take off on its own power. It can fly for days at a time. It is about 74 feet long and has a wingspan of 236 feet yet its fully loaded weight is 5100 pounds. It has four engines, each of which can generate 17.4 horsepower. Its maximum service altitude is 27,000 feet but with supplemental oxygen for the pilot the aircraft can go up to 39,000 feet. I got all these stats from wikipedia because teasing it out of the plane’s website was kind of hard.


I figured out what the term “Cavernous Hangar” means. This thing is huge!!

The plane is amazing piece of engineering. It is so light and can generate enough power from solar panels and with the batteries on board it can fly pretty much indefinitely. It has a crew of only one person in an unheated and unpressurized cockpit. It uses an autopilot to fly when the pilot is sleeping. The project has a support staff of about 60 people a bunch of whom were in Tulsa. The control center is in Monaco. The spend a considerable amount of time plotting routes that avoid weather. The plane cannot take very much weather. 



The plane’s owners intend the project to be a demonstration of the feasibility of solar power and its practicality and I must say the demonstration is impressive.

I was most interested in how the thing took off. Surely I thought it was pulled by a truck or something but no, as the above video shows it takes off under its own power.


As interesting as the takeoff is I thought the landing was a very skillful and precise affair. It has to be perfect.

And a video about the landing in Tulsa. They are trying to get through tornado alley as fast as they can.


Leaving the hangar we got a glimpse of the Solar Impulse’s support aircraft, a funky looking Russian made Ilyushin II-76 heavy cargo carrier. According to my good friends at Wikipedia it can carry 40 tons of cargo a distance of 2700 miles and land on a dirt runway. I found it almost as amazing as they Solar Impulse.

Logan sings “Friend Like Me” from Aladdin

Logan had another recital Saturday night at his music School. He sang “Friend Like Me” from the musical Aladdin.

Such a ham. He goes to his lessons but doesn’t practice much on his own but he still pulls out pretty decent performances. Heather took the video above. I took one of him practicing. It was nothing like he pulled off about an hour later.

That was fine even with a few stifled yawns. Oh well, I wish sometimes I wish I could figure out what is going on inside his head and other times I think I don’t want to know.


The recital room is packed with parents and students. They start with the youngest, some of them pre-school, and go up to the oldest. Some of them are scared to death, others are poised and ready.


Logan has never seen a microphone or stage that he was scared of taking.


It amazes me sometimes, like “Where did that kid come from.”


Here we are at the post recital dinner.  I’m still wondering where that kid on the stage come from.


And here is the proud Grandmother and Mom.

Sorry, I just love bragging on my kid. He did great.

And guess what!! The 100% solar powered plane, the Solar Impulse which has flown about halfway around the world purely on solar power is in Tulsa and I am going to see her up close tomorrow morning and take a few photographs. I am so pumped!!

Skywatch Friday – the Thirteenth

Jenks Impressions liquid lines 72 pct late afternoon tree

I went running in the Tulsa suburb of Jenks a couple weeks ago and when I finished up in the late afternoon this tree was yelling for my attention. I had to maneuver around to get a photo free of billboards and power lines but here it is. You can see one of the Cityplex towers of south Tulsa to the left.  And I confess, I had to improve on nature a little bit, or at least the image my camera presented me, so I jacked it up with some Topaz Impressions software.

Anyways, this Friday is the 13th, the only one we have in 2016, so watch yourself!!

Check out my buds at Skywatch Friday

Mother’s Day Nursery Trip


Sunday was Mothers Day and Heather went to a local nursery. Heather went to gather plants for her mother’s pots. I went along to take pictures.


I can’t believe nurserys let people take pictures for free. Talk about a target rich environment for photographs.


I love the plants and also the ornaments. That is Heather in the background. Somebody should be helping her don’t you think? Oh, yeah, well I was busy also.


I found a whole flock of pink flamingos. Heather didn’t really act like she wanted one.


She didn’t want these statues decorating her garden either.


And back to Heather. She is having almost as much as fun as I am. She is a certified OSU Master Gardener so she knows her plants.


I also know my plants. For example these are yellow flowers. In the background are some red flowers. Impressive huh?


I love these rusty sunflowers. Here in Oklahoma you better tie them down good unless you want to see them sailing off in the wind.


And then we went to Home Depot. I was amused by these two guys who were having trouble getting a fitting on a hose. You should have seen the tools they were using to get it done. Remember when the Home Depot guys knew their stuff?


Home Depot has some nice flowers also.


And I love this wind vane. Made me want to sing “The wheels on the truck go round and round… round and round…”

Anyway that’s a wrap on our trip to the nursery.

What have you been up to?

Mid Day Run


This is our refurbished library under construction. They say they are going to be open this summer. I think they are going to have hump it do so. That is an oilfield term.

During the Spring and Fall, while the weather is mild I love to run during my noon break. That gives me a chance to read the paper and drink some coffee in the morning before work instead of waking up at 5:15 to run or run on the treadmill. I belong to a gym downtown and take off from there. 


I run from downtown to the river and back downtown so I get to dodge office workers, construction, workers, meth heads, k2 addicts, and homeless guys and gals on my out. Plus I have to run by the Oklahoma State University Medical Center. They have banned smoking on their campus so the doctors, nurses, and others go stand on the sidewalk and pollute the air and throw their butts down on the ground and it has made quite a mess. I’ve been thinking about writing a post about hospitals that do things like that. Saint John’s Hospital’s employees to escape the smoking ban cross a busy street and loiter at my drug store and again leave a mess behind. Meanwhile the hospitals get to brag how healthy they are. Well send a crew over and clean up your employee’s mess fools is what I say! What do you say?


Finally I get down to the river trails and get to run along them for a mile or so of my four mile route.


Coming back from river to downtown I go through a pleasant neighborhood that includes the Council Oak Tree memorial. A band of the Creek tribe picked this area on a bluff overlooking the Arkansas River as their council ground in 1836 after the US Government forcibly removed them from their lands in the southeaster USA. The tree in the background, an ancient burr Oak, is reportedly the original tree that they met under. The sculpture in the foreground is called “Morning Prayer” by Creek artist Dan Brook.


I love to check out the roses in the flower beds of the houses I run by.


There is a fountain on the way also. No big deal today but I love running by it when it is a 100 degrees outside. ( true confessions, I don’t run outside when it is close to a 100 any more)


And then on back to the core downtown. My gym is on the 16th floor of the green topped building to the right.

A good time was had by all!!