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Weekend Shadows – Hot on the Trails


It’s hot here in Oklahoma. I am still running and hiking but I live for the shady routes like above on Turkey Mountain. It’s all shade there but you have to watch out for ticks, chiggers, and snakes. Deet works wonderfully for the bugs, snakes, just keep an eye out if you can. My biggest problem is tripping on the rocks and roots.

My other route is Lafortune Park. No bugs, snakes, rocks, or roots there but a lot less shade except in certain areas.

It borders a golf course which makes it kind of scenic.

This is my favorite post workout drink (after I down about a liter of water.)

My advice for running or hiking in the heat is to take it easy and take lots of water.

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Shadow Shot Sunday – Hot Daze of Summer

It’s hot in Tulsa these days. I still get outside though but not for as long as usual nor for anything intense. The above photo is from an App “Nomo” that has a bunch of different analog cameras modeled on it. I used one that made long skinny photos. You’ll have to click on the photo to see the full effect. I know, I could of straightened out but I didn’t want to for artistic reasons which is what us hackers say when we are too lazy.

Window and Blinds

I used it inside as well. I think it might be just the thing for long skinny windows.

Softball Field

I took a walk around Tulsa’s Lafortune Park the other day during the heat of the day. Don’t worry it’s only three miles and I took water. I decided to use the Hipstamatic App. It’s my favorite app but not everybody likes it. In fact my hipstamatic photos are my lowest performing photos on Instagram. So I kind of do them for me. I love the look of them. I have the settings for the “film” and the “lens” set on randomize so I never know what I am going to get.


Here’s a nice bench at Lafortune, out of the shade!!!


I call this “socially distanced shade.” The light leak is one of the effects of Hispatamatic app. I thought it kind of added to the overall sense of heat.

Eye in the Sky

The Sheriff’s Department had this set up at the park. It looks slightly ominous.

Mother Goose and Friends

And I found Mother Goose, Peter Rabbit, and I think Alice at the Park tucked behind the public library.

Kirklands Table and Chairs

Out of the park and at Kirklands. With the A/C on and my app still running. I loved how compact and full of geometry this table and chair set is. You could have a real up close and personal meal with somebody.

Gilcrease Sun Dial
Sundial at the Gilcrease

And then at Gilcrease Museum here in Tulsa. They had a small but powerful exhibit called “Enslavement to Emancipation: Toward a More Perfect Union.” It consisted of just three pieces of paper. The first one was a letter written in 1520 from Diego Columbus, son of Christopher Columbus, to King Charles V, of Spain asking for permission to take people from Africa and use them as slaves in the New World. The second was a certified signed copy of the Declaration of Independence for the United States. That was an amazing thing to see with Thomas Jefferson’s signature on paper that was very fragile. Third was a certified copy of the Emancipation Proclamation. The Gilcrease is amazing like that. They have a huge number of documents in their collection. Click the link for photos and more information.

So that’s it for my shadows, and bonus information.

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ShadowShot Sunday – Long and Tall, New and Old

Early morning, I sure do look long, tall, and skinny. I got shorter and fatter as the day goes.

I caught myself getting a photo of my wife’s flowers.

Dappled sunlight on Turkey Mountain during a recent hike. It was HOT!!! The dappled shadows were welcome.

From the archives, a sitting area at Tulsa’s fabulous Linnaeus Gardens. Just about any kind of shadow you want.


Another one from the archives. Dappled shadows at the Federal Courthouse in Tulsa.

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Garden Shadows & More

Late afternoon recently capturing the , getting the Garden Bee Shadow

Early in the morning, caught the photographer stealing a photo of my wife’s flowers.

Cycling the River Trails

And just for grins, my earliest “shadow” tagged photo, from 2008 of some bicyclists on the River Parks trails in Tulsa. Sorry for the fuzzy shot. It is from my intentionally crappy but fun Takashi 521FX camera.


The Takeshi can also do negatives. Here is son on a swing in 2010.


And finally a self portrait of the photographer in action.

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Sunny Shadows and Mother’s Day 2021


I was at mil’s house visiting earlier this week in the afternoon and noticed the late afternoon sun coming in through her blinds was causing interesting patterns on her table and flower pot. Along with flowers and greenery in the background. You can see here to know how to get the perfect assortment of flowers as a gift for someone you love.

Alan Logan Shadow Selfie

Son and I went on a walk at a local park. I liked our shadow selfies down below.

Redbud Shadows

A little bit later we passed by some shadows from some redbud trees. The redbuds have a brief spectacular show for a few weeks in March and April and then they kind of retreat into the background.

Here are some of the flowers that my wife purchased for her Mother’s Day. She loves gardening and happily bought some for our yard and for her mother’s garden as well.

We had a pretty good Mother’s Day Meal at my mother-in-law’s place. Here are the two honorees. Both of them are great mothers.

Here was my contribution. I love smoking chicken. I would rather eat smoked chicken than eat steak. Heather purchased the sides (since we didn’t want her cooking on Mother’s Day) and we had a nice meal together.

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ShadowShot Sunday – Route 66 Shadows

On the west side of Tulsa there is a Route 66 Gateway over the road which makes for an interesting shadow.

West Tulsa Route 66 Gateway

The other side has shadows too.

Right next to it is this stylized gear and pinion installed by an artist with a Tulsa theme.

Note the oil derrick and pumpjack. The scissor tailed flycatcher is the state bird of Oklahoma.

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Shadow Shot Sunday – Rocks, Patio, and Deck

Boulder House Shadows

On our recent trip we stayed in a house on the side of a hill. I kind of liked the interplay of the trees, boulders, and shadows.

Chilling on an afternoon at our cabin I loved the shadows on the deck.

And back at home, a little fancy curlicue shadow on our patio.

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Shadow Shot Sunday – Downtown Owasso, Oklahoma

I was in the Tulsa suburb of Owasso last week. They have revamped their downtown area in the last several years and I was checking it out.

So this is my first ever shadow view, as far as I can remember (the only thing I can remember these days is that I have a bad memory.) It’s next to their history museum.

They have a big outdoor event space as well with some interesting shadows.

I like how the shadows interacted with the brick in this shot.

And a run of the mill bench shadow but you know I am easily amused.

Electric Meters

I am a fan of back alleys so I tucked down one and found this set of electric meters. The engineer in me loves stuff like this that is designed and is so cool, functional, and geometric. Just wait a few years and somebody will mess it up, happens every time. Entropy. I kind of like the rust colored paint job as well. It’s almost red.

Painted in Waterlogue

And a waterogue app rendition of our back patio when it was raining earlier this month. I love the blue cushions. I may have posted this photo previously. Maybe not.

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Shadow Shot Sunday – Spring Forward Edition

Tree Shadows

A shadow from a few weeks ago in our neighborhood park.

Cabin Life - Shadows on the Deck

From our cabin last Spring when Heather and spent a Covid safe weekend in the woods of Southeast Oklahoma.


And three years ago, me and bike shot by my cheap gopro clone, bad white balance and all. Hoping to get my bike back from the shop soon to make more shadowy shots.

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Shadow Shot Sunday – The Winnie Mae

Winnie Mae

Last week I stopped in at the Oklahoma History Center in Oklahoma City. Their big centerpiece display is the Winnie Mae, a replica of the Lockheed 5C Vega aircraft that Oklahoma aviation pioneer, Wiley Post, flew solo around the world in 1933. He subsequently flew the plywood framed Winnie Mae to 50,000 feet using a homemade pressurization suit. In 1935 Post and another Oklahoma legend, Will Rogers died in an airplane crash near Point Barrow, Alaska.


Now back down to earth, I had a symmetrical shadow in my back yard.


I’ve started running again. Didn’t realize how much I missed it. Here is a mesh shadow of some temporary fencing.


And of a pedestrian bridge.

And speaking of pedestrian. Heather and I went to a local brewery and had a couple of their beers. As a bonus, the glass had some interesting shadows. I guess it was time to head home.

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