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“At the Shelters, When the Preachers Give You Jesus, They Give You Food Too”

I got to the office early one day this week and went to a little breakfast place close to the office  to eat and and get a cup of coffee. There was a woman there who looked to be in her mid to late 20’s and she had her some ear buds plugged into her cell phone and she was busy yakking away  in a much too loud voice which seems typical of people who use those kind of earphones. I was ignoring her even though I was irritated slightly that she was so loud.


And then she started yapping away about she had much more valuable skill sets than what she was getting paid for. That kind of thing always amuses me so I started paying slightly more attention to her and noticed that she sounded like she was going through some sort of telephone interview or maybe a screening interview for a later real interview. So I felt kind of sorry for her for going through such a thing in such a public way. Of course she was the one being loud.


Then she started answering questions. It was hard to tell since I was only getting one side of the conversation. I heard something to the effect of “Well, yeah, I’m living with somebody” and then “Well no, he is not my boyfriend but he thinks he is.” And then what me made almost spit my coffee all over the place was “Well, yeah I live with him but I try to downplay the sex but I need a somewhere to live until I can get a job where I can make enough money to get my own place so I put up with him.”


About the same time another conversation picked up. There was a young guy who although dressed in clean neat clothes had a look about him that life was kind of hard for him at present. He was kind of hanging out at the back of the place where I was and another lady who seemed to be doing paper work. She asked him something to the effect of “I’ve seen you in here before I think.” And he said, “Yeah, I hang out in here quite a bit.” And she said “How come you are not eating anything?” And he said “Well, I don’t have any money but they let people have samples of coffee.” and she she said, how come you don’t have a job  and he said that he had problems with seizures.

Catron Building - West of Downtown

And then she said How long have you had seizures? And he “Well, I was okay but I went through a period of time when I was on a lot of drugs and that is when I started getting the seizures. And she said “What kind of drugs? and he said “Anything I could find, meth, the cigarettes they sell on the street,  alcohol. Whatever I could find, I tried. And she said are you still on drugs. and he said “No, I quit all that but I still have the seizures” and she asked if he was taking anything for them and he answered that he had some meds but he had no insurance so he kept his stash for when things got bad.


So then she said that he had seizures because sin had entered his life. He said that he knew that. So she said that if he would pray with her for Jesus to enter his life then the seizures would go away and he said okay and she asked if he would pray with her. So she did the sinners prayer with him where he asked for Jesus to come into his life. Then she told him that he didn’t have to worry about the seizures any longer because Jesus would take the sin out of his life.


And then he asked if he would buy her a bagel. And she said no! And he said that at the shelters when the preachers gave him Jesus they gave him food too. So she said, “Have you accepted Jesus before?” And he said, oh yeah lots of times. And so she said kind of angrily, “Why didn’t you tell me?” And he said “Because I’m hungry.” And she said “Well I’m not buying you anything” and he said, that’s okay, don’t worry about it. And she was like “I can’t believe you didn’t say anything.” And he said “Sorry!” and walked out.

I literally don’t know what to say about all this. Except I might have to quite listening in on other people’s conversations.

Water World Wednesday – Wolf Bay Waterfront

Wolf BAy Waterfront Topaz Adjust

On our vacation to Orange Beach, Alabama last month we went on a Sunset Cruise on Wolf Bay. It was pretty nice, the skipper took us here there and everywhere in search of dolphins. We saw quite a few dolphin and I also enjoyed the other views on the water, other boats, the woods, docks, and such and especially the houses above in the golden hour, a little before sunset when the sun’s light is horizontal and makes everything stand out.

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Turkey Mountain Patterns and Textures


Wednesday night and a storm popped up headed for Turkey Mountain. Huh oh, there goes my run I thought but a check with Accuweather showed that it was going to be done quick. So I gather up my stuff and headed to the park.


As I got there the storm was trailing off. Yahoo is what I said. I wasn’t too worried about mud. Something about the mountain makes it shed off rain really quick.  I noticed a couple of younger people doing some pretty good tricks with their bikes. I don’t know about you but I couldn’t pop a wheelie on regular sized bike in a hundred years. They made it look effortless.


So off I went into the cool, wet, dripping woods. I loved the textures of everything and the sound of the dripping all around me.


Everything was glistening.




And there were colors! The fresh new growth of spring is showing the stress of our high heat plus the bugs and mildew our eating on them. It made for its own kind of beauty. The dirty little secret about Turkey Mountain is that there isn’t much color besides green. You have to hunt for other colors.


So I started tuning into the different patterns and colors the mountain was showing off.


You know, you just have to stop and sniff the weeds every now and then.

Beach Blogging 2016 – Pokemon Go Edition


We are still at the beach having a great time walking, running, sitting in the sun and reading, going out to eat and drink and all that good stuff.


This year we have something new, Pokemon Go. The whole family is playing it including Heather. It is kind of fun. I’m getting a hoot on facebook and the news how some are deriding a game that haven’t even played and others talking about the great health benefits. Yadda yadda yadda I say. What matters is if it is fun. Of course some things need to be addressed such as removing the little pokemons from private property and other inappropriate places, but the game is fun.


Here is one of the little critters just before I captured him. Don’t knock it before you try it folks. One thing that helps is having a youngster to explain things.


Meanwhile I’m also geocaching. I can do both in my mind. Apparently there are a bunch of pokemon on Turkey Mountain. I have found almost all the full size regular caches up there and am looking forward to Pokemon Going. Make fun of me if you must. I’ll be feeling sorry for you.

Till next time folks

Vacation 2016 – First Report


We started our vacation, kind of late. Tulsa and surrounding area had a huge storm come through on Thursday about noon. It was kind of scary. I was at a luncheon and the venue evacuated us to a stairwell because there was reports of a tornado on the ground close by. Good thing they lifted the alert because the stairwell had external doors with crash bars and it was so crowded the doors kept opening. Stupid design if you ask me. Anyway, our power was out and so we couldn’t run a lot of the errands we wanted to until the next morning and so instead of leaving first thing Friday morning, we left in the afternoon. Oh well.


So we drove and drove


And then we got to Mobile and we encountered the big jam before the tunnel.


And we made it eventually!!


So we have been taking it easy and hanging out on the beach.


And staying well clear of the turtle eggs.


The only excitement so far is outrunning a thunderstorm. You know it is slow moving when I outrun it.

Anyway, that is the first, and might be the only, vacation report.

Skywatch Friday – Idaho Snake River Sky

Snake River spicify topaz adjust

Our little family and sister Ellen spent a long weekend in Idaho Falls, Idaho visiting our Dad. While there we went on a walk along the Snake River. The city has some beautiful trails along the river. Idaho is such a beautiful state even in “The Falls” where the land is kind of flat. The skies can certainly be spectacular.

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Skywatch Friday

Big Day for the Kid

Logan at TCC New Student Orientation

This past Friday was a big day for son Logan.  First he had to get up bright and early for his college’s new student orientation. We got there and he got signed in and photographed and then directed to the room. I was told that I was welcome to the parent orientation scheduled later this summer. Yeah, okay I get it. I made sure he found the room and got settled and then I left him. When Heather and I came back he was all smiles and so I think things went well. We had told him that this was college, not high school, and if he needed to get up and take a break or whatever that he could just do so and not worry about getting sent to see the principal. The freedom is a little disconcerting to him but he is rapidly getting used to it.

Logan opening up checking account

And then we went to our bank so he could open up a checking account. Last time I opened up a checking account was about twenty four years ago and I will tell you that things have changed considerably since. The bank officer we talked to was great. He was very patient with us and Logan as we worked through the process and evaluated the various options available and asked a lot of questions. You know, I have gotten to enjoy the small mercies of people who are kind and the man was very kind.

Family Selfie

And the Friday night we took Logan to his first ever major concert. We went to see James Taylor at the BOK Arena. Taylor put on a heck of a show. He sang about 25 songs in two sets over the course of two and a half hours. He sang a lot of his old tunes and few of his new tunes. He came across as genuine with a wry sense of humor and a generous manner. Much of it was over Logan’s head as he has no history but he was a good sport even though the concert went on a for a long time and it was kind of crowded.

So, he was exhausted but it was a big day for him. Driving lessons are coming up soon. That is when his Dad is going to get nervous.

Wordless Wednesday – Turkey Mountain Vista


And now, the not wordless part

Tulsa’s Turkey Mountain is not that big, two miles north to south and a mile, maybe, east to west. You can generally hear traffic in most areas but there are lots of trails and if the weather is a little hot, or a little cold, or a little wet or whatever the number of people on the trails plunges, especially a quarter mile down the trail (I am not exagerating..) And if one gets to the little visited areas like the northwest segment it is easy not to see anybody.

I was on such a blissful trek last Wednesday when I happened on this vista that made it look like the mountain went on forever. I love the feeling of feeling lost and depth in the photo. Even though I know I had been up and down that trail many times before.

I love Turkey Mountain, I have been there dozens of times and still find something new every time I am there. I can get up there and just cruise along and don’t worry about a thing. Except snakes, lots of people have encountered lots of snakes, especially copperheads, and I worry about them a little but I don’t let them stop me.

So what about you? Where is your favorite place to get away from it all.

Skywatch Friday – Sneaking a Pic

Recently Added-107

Earlier this week I sneaked back up to my old work area on the 17th floor to take a late afternoon pic of the sky to the west along with the Arkansas River. Of course me being me had to try out a few filters on the photo to give a little more character than what it had originally.

It turns out okay but I wish I could get the Aloft Hotel chain that bought our old City Hall and converted it to a loft hotel (whatever that is) to take their sign down. I can’t imagine that an old office building would make a very good hotel but what do I know? I mean besides nothing.

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