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Our World – Road Trip to see Ed Galloway’s Totem Pole Park

Sunday, SuperPizzaBoy and I loaded up and headed up Route 66 northeast from Tulsa to the little town of Foyil, Oklahoma to check out the world’s largest concrete totem pole.


The totem pole is 90 feet tall and is made of concrete over a metal and sandstone base. He started working on it in 1937 and finished in 1948.


The exterior has many bas relief native American inspired designs.


Apparently when asked why he built it he just said that he needed something to do when he retired.


The base of the tower is a turtle. He fashioned it from a sandstone outcropping that was already in place.


There is a small room inside that contains more artwork and an informative sign. If you start googling you will see find that there are lots of totem poles taller than ninety feet. So maybe this is the tallest concrete totem pole.

(SPB photo)

SPB brought his camera. Of course a self portrait was in order.

(SPB photo)

Hmm, this is also a pic of his, That is the scariest face on the Totem.

(SPB photo)

SPB also captured images of some Galloway’s other pieces. I love the arrowhead below.

(SPB photo)

I’m guessing this is a tree trunk.


The park has a gift store inside the “Fiddle House” that includes a variety of fiddles carved by Mr. Galloway.


This was my favorite


The park has a short nature trail which of course we tried.

Galloway died in 1961 and the park fell into disrepair until rescued in the late 1980’s by the Rogers County Historical Society who runs the facility today.

We’ll post the second half of our road trip next week, unless of course we decide to do something else.

National Park Service Article on the Totem Park

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TravelOK.Com article on the Totem Park

Our World

Where East Meets West Sculpture by Robert Summers on Route 66 in Tulsa

Where East Meets West is a newly installed sculpture by Robert Summers at Tulsa’s Cyrus Avery Plaza. Cyrus Avery  is considered the father of Route 66 and interstate roads in general. Cyrus Avery Plaza is right on Route 66 right on the Arkansas River just outside of downtown Tulsa.


The sculpture done at 135% life size depicts a horsedrawn wagon from the oilfields of west Tulsa encountering an autombile driven by Cyrus Avery. It depicts the transition from the old to the new.


Avery is shown getting out of his car to deal with the situation.


While his daughter tries to hold onto the terrified family cat without getting clawed to shreds. Of course being the good blogger that I am I neglected to get a picture of Avery’s wife.


There are numerous details on the piece that show the care that Summers took. This is Avery’s shoe.


My favorite detail is the dead grasshopper on the grill.


He did a lot of research also. The oilfield tubing in the back of the wagon has special joints called upset tubing. I don’t think your typical artist would know what that is.


More detailing on the wagon. Notice the wood grain and the screw and fitting. Very impressive.


I had never heard of Robert Summers before but it turns out that he has several well known works to his credit. The Dallas Cowboys commissioned him to create the likeness of Tom Landry, pictured above, that is placed just outside Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

So if you driving on Route 66 stop and spend some time at Cyrus Avery Plaza and admire the sculpture installation. 

Our World

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Philbrook Museum Festival of the Trees 2012

Last Sunday we loaded up the whole family including visitors Uncle Bob and Gramps and headed out to Philbrook Museum of Art’s Festival of the Trees.


It is a fund raiser held every year. Various artists put together trees for sale. Lots of creativity in play here.


Here is a tree for skiers.


And an owl tree


Little trees, big trees, trees everywhere.


I try and never miss the Festival of the Trees.


SuperPizzaBoy, Gramps, and Uncle Bob – we all had a good time.


Sweetie and SPB.


The Girl Scouts and other organizations make gingerbread houses. I always look forward to them.


Again, very creative and original


SPB did not care for the Barbie Doll Gingerbread house.


I loved the bubblegum roof on this.


This has a little bit of a Scandinavian air about it.


We looked at the rest of the museum and saw some old favorites like “The Blue Kimono” by William Merritt Chase painted nearly 100 years ago.


The have quite a collection of Native American Pottery.


And their latest addition, reclining teenager, hey wait a minute!!

If you live in Tulsa, go check the Festival of Trees out. Hurry though, it ends December 9.

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Our World – Crystal Bridges Museum

Saturday I loaded up my brother, who was in from Corpus Christi, my father who flew down from Idaho Falls, and son SuperPizzaBoy and we took a guy trip to Bentonville, Arkansas a couple hours away  to visit the new Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

(Mark Rothko – Greek Tragedy)

It was the second trip for SPB and I. The first for my father and brother. I think they liked it. I know that I loved it better this time than the first time. The first time I see a museum I want to see every single thing. From then on I go for more of what attracts my eye.

(Maxxfield Parrish – The Lantern Bearers)

The museum specializes in American art. They have both great quantity and great quality.

Alexander Stirling Calder - The Stretching Girl
(Alexander Stirling Calder – Stretching Girl)


The museum building itself is a work of art.


The museum was founded by a Walmart heir. Walmart itself is now paying for everyone’s admission. Priceless art for free, show me a black Friday deal like that.

Our World

Our World – Woolaroc Museum Entrance Facade

Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Refuge was started by the Frank Phillips, founder of Phillips Petroleum Company to showcase his art collection and exotic wildlife. It is located out in the middle of nowhere in northeast Oklahoma in Osage County.

Woolaroc Mural

I’ve long admired the mural around the main entry door to the Musuem.

(Buffalo Dancer with tomahawk)

The mural was installed in 1946 by Winold Reiss, a German-American artist who installed murals all over the United States. The mural uses very strong imagery and bold colors.


(Kiowa Fancy Dancer)


(Eastern Woodsman with Calumet)



Our World

October Osage County – Camera Critters

Lets check out what is happening at the Animal Barn at Woolaroc. Frank Phillips‘ (founder of Phillips Petroleum Company) old ranch in Osage County about an hour north of Tulsa.


Woolaroc has quite a few critters. They can be as fun as the art in the museum and grounds.


Something about zebras? They are so graphic. That is actually a better quality in zebras than it is in people.Don’t you think?


I love the animal barn at Woolaroc (Are there barns that are not animal barns). I don’t trust this pair of jokers.


This little guy just wants back in with his mama. She is fine where he is. I know lots of human moms like that also. Love their kids


Something about goats is comical.


My favorite was this calf. It was major cute.


It was kind of shy and flirting with me.


Have you ever seen a cuter redhead?

Camera Critters

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