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Veteran’s Day


Today is a day we hold special for honoring our Veterans. I’ll be attending Tulsa’s annual parade. If you live and can make your downtown I highly recommend it.

One of my favorite things about the parade are veteran’s who just show up wearing an old jacket that doesn’t fit them any longer and they just join in. Nobody minds. The other thing is all the Junior ROTC cadets that will be there from area schools.

Thank you Veterans.

Downtown Tulsa Sun, Shadows, and Color

Downtown Fall Color Impressions Van Gogh II 55pct

True confessions I used Topaz Impressions Van Gogh Filter on this backed off to 55%

I love the light this time of year and the Fall color. I found a tree still somewhat conflicted about Autumn. I love the conflict and I also love how the sun and shadows work together. Autumn is my favorite time of year.

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A Sidewalk Garden in Tulsa’s East Village Neighborhood

Downtown Sidewalk Greenery

I went on a walk at noon Monday east of downtown Tulsa to the East Village area to see what was new and I found this sidewalk garden. I love it. It is so luxuriant and seems like it is about to take over the sidewalk.  Plus I love all the windows and reflections in this section of the street. There is a lot happening downtown especially in the close by neighborhoods. There are all sorts of small businesses taking over and renovating formerly run down properties. Condo conversion and new construction is happening. It is quite the frothy mix. Downtown Tulsa is becoming a cool place to be.

I processed my original photograph with Topaz Impressions’ “Cezanne 1” filter blended 60% with the original photo.

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Kind of a Wordless Wednesday – One Day’s One Hour Urban Hike

#DennisRNeil #EqualityCenter I love the #bunting #downtowntulsa  #noonrunning #running #cloudyskies

Dennis R Neil Equality Center

Centennial Park

Centennial Park

Centennial Park


American Legion


Former Adah Robinson Residence in Tracy Park. Designed by #BruceGoff and Robinson with Joseph Koberling #artdeco #Tulsa #Oklahoma #architecture #tracyparkhistoricdistrict

Adah Robinson Residence – Early Day Tulsa Architect

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I guess he ran out of paint. Or maybe he got ran out.


It is amazing, if you look closely, how many people sleep outside in and around downtown.


Boomtown Downtown – Condo Conversions


At lunch yesterday I took advantage of the perfect sunny cool weather and put on my big funny looking high spf hat and took a stroll over to the east side of downtown to see what was happening. It has been a long cold winter and I hadn’t been exploring as much as what I usually do.


The east side is booming with condo construction. Both new and conversions. Downtown Tulsa is now a cool place to be ever since the BOK Arena went in several years ago. I don’t know what came first after that, cool bars or condos but it is amazing the housing that is being built that accompanies the explosion of bars and restaurants. It wasn’t that many years ago that Michael Buble at a concert here joked that he left his hotel to check out the local action and all he he saw were tumbleweeds blowing down the street.


There is growing pains of course. The city has again started enforcing parking laws and the residents downtown are complaining. I’m told that parking in not prime areas averages about $70 per month. It may not sound like much to you big city folks but people in Oklahoma think that free parking is somehow in the Bill of Rights. A codicil of the Second Amendment I think.


The other thing is that the smaller the condo the bigger the dogs the owners have and there is not enough places for the dogs to go relieve themselves and I see people trying to coax their oversize dogs into small planters so the dogs can do their business. Something is going to have to give on that.

Anyway, it is great to see new construction going on downtown and people moving in and making it their home. I really do think that a strong downtown is vital to any city.

Weekend Reflections – Glassy Building

TCC Building - Topaz Glow

I’m experimenting with a new Topaz Labs product “Topaz Glow.” I thought it made the reflection in the building pop out quite a bit. They have a 30 day free trial program on almost everything they sell which is quite handy.

Do you use Topaz products? What do you think of them?

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